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Security Services

Hands-on experience with both security and payments gives PSC the unique ability to assess, design, implement and maintain practical solutions that meet real-world requirements. PSC has a holistic view of payment security that translates into solutions that are as good in practice as in theory.

PSC security services are specifically designed to bridge public compliance demands with business needs and interests.

Organizational Security Management
PSC establishes and documents an information security framework that bridges policy, risk evaluation and assessment, legal requirements, human resources, executive management, financial controls and corporate governance.

Application and System Hardening
PSC experts understand the nuances of electronic payment processing, on-line commerce, and security issues. From network vulnerability assessments to detailed application code analysis and design, PSC staff can evaluate, identify and create solutions to protect critical applications.

Compliance Program Management
PSC understands the public and industry standards as well as their implementation in complex organizations.

Security Infrastructure Design
PSC dives deep into important security needs to ensure reliability, availability, maintainability, privacy and security.

Authentication Technologies
PSC has extensive experience in the design, implementation and deployment of authentication technologies, including PKI, biometrics, smart cards, tokens and other technologies.

Secure Data Management
PSC can create programs and systems to protect your sensitive data against internal or external intrusion, bringing your company in line with compliance standards and industry best practices.

Fraud and Payment Loss Management
PSC provides customized services for Fraud Prevention and Loss Prevention teams within retail, electronic commerce, and direct marketing organizations. Services include:
  • Assessment and evaluationof prevention systems in place
  • Retail and site assessment
  • Call center operation inspection and assessment
  • Employee training and awareness
  • Evaluation and integration of prevention analytics systems
  • First response training and support

Training and Awareness
PSC provides program development that includes compliance, technology and the human factor of information security.

Forensics and Investigation
PSC experts can perform special system investigation and analysis focused on identification of attack mechanisms and asset loss related to electronic payment systems. Services frequently supplement internal audit and corporate legal staff.

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