PSC Forensics and Investigation

PSC Forensics and Investigation

PSC is one of an elite group of companies certified to perform Payment Card Industry (PCI) forensic investigations across the USA and Europe. PSC provides discreet onsite inspection of systems, networks and applications to provide information as quickly as possible to identify the source and scope of the breach. This ensures that appropriate remediation can be applied to mitigate the impact of the breach and return to normal operational capabilities as soon as possible. This process can be applied when a breach is suspected, during a breach and after a breach has been confirmed.

With dedicated forensic resources within the company, PSC is able to respond immediately to a security compromise and promptly establish an onsite presence when needed.

Any breach of customer data is a major challenge for a business. The loss of cardholder data and PII data can damage relationships with customers; damage brand loyalty; and harm the public image of an organization. Furthermore, the fines and potential lawsuits can have a significant financial impact on any organization's bottom line. A trusted forensic partner can help businesses effectively respond to a breach to minimize its effects and speed time to resolution.

PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI) Program

PSC is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council and card brands as a PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI) Company. When an entity that stores, processes, or transmits payment card data is compromised and is the subject of a security issue, that entity may be required to engage a PFI to assess and report on the breach. With employees in 15 states across North America and operations in Europe, PSC is ideally located to support your PFI needs, be it San Francisco, New York, London or Berlin.

Incident Response

In the case of a breach, PSC works with the client to re-establish business continuity as quickly as possible. PSC uses the latest tools and techniques to perform a detailed forensic review. After the onsite review has been concluded, PSC produces a forensic report that details the nature of the breach, the root causes as well as provides remediation steps and recommendations.

Forensic Consultation Services

PSC recognizes that businesses in the payment card industry have non-breach related needs for forensic consulting related to PCI and PII, including assessing overall security and compliance posture. PSC offers a highly specialized forensic payment application analysis to assess the security of existing payment applications, systems and underlying architectures.

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