Policies and Procedures Documentation

Development and implementation of a comprehensive documentation set is vital for any organization that wishes to achieve compliance to any standard. PSC offers a range of documentation products for all compliance targets and these are completely customizable for any size of organization.

Features of the documentation set are:

  • Follows existing corporate templates
  • Incorporates existing acronyms, nomenclature and existing documents
  • Is easy to implement and enforce
  • Highlights requirements of the standards and best pracitices
  • Incorporates legal requirements where applicable, such as Human Resources
  • Does not require retraining of employees
  • Does not require extensive yearly maintenance
  • Contains a minimum set of documents required to achieve compliance
  • Is extensive and covers multiple standards (SOX, PCI, ISO etc)

These features provide a very quick turn around time to develop, incorporate and deploy a compliant document set that is specifically designed to meet not just the target standard, but also the organizations needs.

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