PSC FIRST Key Lightweight Penetration Testing Platform

The PSC FIRST (Flexible Internal Remote Systems Testing) Key is a lightweight penetration testing solution that combines the best of on-site and remote testing capabilities. Delivered on a USB flash drive, FIRST Key connects to PSC's Operation Center and provides a complete penetration testing environment in minutes.

Balancing Threats and Test Frequency

FIRST Key allows security teams to respond to emerging threats in a dynamic environment by quickly spot checking for vulnerabilities.

Making Testing Easy

With minimal setup or environment modifications, FIRST Key is easy to use and streamlines penetration testing. FIRST Key is also self-configuring, with built-in diagnostic tools. Security teams lacking the skills or resources can use FIRST Key to spot check and understand their environment's vulnerabilities without the intensive planning required for full onsite tests. Unlike remote monitoring services, FIRST Key's flexibility allows it to test for a wide range of vulnerabilities.

Secure By Design

Designed with security built-in, the FIRST Key converts any user workstation to the platform for penetration testing, without touching the host system's hard drive. It uses full disk encryption to secure all test results and communicates to the PSC Operation Center over an encrypted SSH tunnel, communicating over any open, outbound port. Because it is based on Ubuntu Linux, it's unaffected by the malware common to Microsoft Windows solutions, protecting the security of your network.


  • Frequent, targeted testing
  • Low effort, high reward testing focused on the most common areas of weakness
  • Customized test cases with a collaborative process to respond immediately to emerging threats
  • Spot checks lasting 1-3 days with an actionable report delivered in days, not weeks
  • An ongoing, iterative process providing constant feedback about your security posture

Range of Test Cases

  • Emerging Vulnerability Scanning: Test for the new exploit of the week
  • Microsoft SQL Weakness Testing: Secure your SA
  • Sensitive Information Recovery: Examination of NFS and SMB shares
  • Adequate Segmentation Tests: Has anything changed since the last pen test?
  • Effective Monitoring Tests: AV, IDS, DLP
  • Man in the Middle Tests: ARP, NBNS, LLMNR

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