Training / Courses

Training / Courses

Training has become increasingly important for any organization wishing to obtain certification to any standard (PCI, ISO, AICPA etc). PSC offers a range of training solutions individually tailored to the organizations needs. Trainings are individually tailored to the needs and employee requirements of the organization. With a highly interactive presentation style, PSC trainings offer hands on workshops, exercises, technical and non-technical written tests (depends on course type and requirements). Every student receives a certificate of completion that may be eligible for CPE’s.

PSC offers the following courses:

  • Secure development (OWASP, SANS and PCI requirements)
  • General security awareness
  • Focused security awareness for IT and Management
  • Incident response training
  • Code review process training
  • Introduction to standards (PCI, ISO etc) for management

Additional courses are available upon request.

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