Visa Security Assessment Services (VSA)

Visa Security Assessment (VSA) Services for Visa Inc. Vendors

PSC is fully certified to perform pre-site, initial, and annual inspections for Visa program vendors in the following areas:

  • AVP Logical and Physical: These are registered vendors performing payment card manufacturing, IC embedding, card fulfillment, IC pre-personalization, mag stripe personalization, IC personalization, PIN distribution (mailing), PIN distribution (electronic), encryption support, and data preparation.
  • AVP Mobile – over the air (OTA): These are registered vendors that provide: VMPA OTA provisioning and personalization; SE OTA lifecycle management; OTA transaction services (issuer updates); non-payment encryption support; non-OTA encryption support; and, mobile/secure element component manufacturing, embedding and distribution.
  • Verified by Visa® service provider assessments, including companies that operate a 3D-Secure Access Control Server (ACS).
  • Visa PIN Security Program participants, including: PIN-Acquiring Third-Party VisaNet Processors (VNP), PIN-Acquiring Client VisaNet Processor Acting as a Service Provider; PIN-Acquiring Third-Party Servicers (TPS), and Encryption and Support Organization (ESO).

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