Payment Services

pic_services_paymentPSC provides services to support the analysis, design, implementation and support of payment infrastructures - always with an eye on the intersection of payments, security and compliance.

The PSC team brings first-hand experience in all areas of the payment ecosystem - from acquiring and issuing banks to global and emerging payment types. The team has designed, implemented and operated payment systems processing huge transaction volumes. This hands-on experience allows PSC to transition theory into practice and deliver projects that have clear objectives and defined value. PSC understands the entire lifecycle of payments projects, from conception, financial modeling and architecture through to implementation. PSC also offers sustaining services including risk and fraud controls, service monitoring and operational excellence.

PSC provides expert services specific to client needs, which can be used on an as-needed basis.

Payment System Design

PSC provides a comprehensive design process for payment systems. This process covers important information security needs to ensure reliability, availability, maintainability, privacy, and security.

PSC experts understand all aspects of electronic payment processing, on-line commerce, and security issues. From network vulnerability assessments to detailed application code analysis and design, PSC staff can evaluate, identify, and create solutions to protect critical applications, systems, and infrastructure.

Technology Selection

Today’s merchants and service providers are struggling to choose a suitable design and implement secure payment systems that incorporate the latest technologies within the industry compliance framework. The PSC team brings first-hand experience to merchants and payment processors in all areas of the payment ecosystem. PSC has designed, implemented, and integrated merchant and service provider payment systems. These systems have been designed to use the latest technology including tokenization; P2PE solutions; mobile acceptance; EMV and contactless. PSC also offers sustaining services including risk and fraud controls, service monitoring and operational excellence. PSC is completely independent of all technology vendors and can provide unbiased, business focused solutions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Point to Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • Tokenization system design and implementation
  • EMV (Chip and Pin/signature) Cards, technology, and integration
  • Operational process and controls development
  • Analysis and optimization of systems
  • Financial models of current acceptance, pricing, and risk
  • Product strategy related to payment initiatives
  • New market requirement evaluation
  • Risk/reward analysis of payment options
  • Architecture, design, and implementation
  • Payment protocols
  • Standards and certification


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