EU Data Protection Directive

Personal Information Protection

PSC validates entities where the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) is of critical importance. This process includes a review of applicability data retention and disposal; a full assessment of the PII protection criteria; documentation of policies and procedures that will support the PII protection criteria; assistance in implementing the policies and procedures; testing of the effectiveness of controls; and assistance with completion of the US Department of Commerce Safe Harbor registration if required. PSC has dedicated staff with expertise on the following standards:

  • EU Data Protection Directive (including U.S. - European Union Safe Harbor Framework)
  • UK Data Protection Act
  • Canada Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act
  • Asia-Pacific Privacy Charter Initiative
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Privacy Framework

PSC Solution

To help organizations meet personal information privacy standards, PSC provides:

  • Specific security assessment of the requirements under the criteria
  • Advice on the most cost effective approach to remediation if the customer does not meet the requirements
  • Analysis of the data types and collection mechanisms
  • Ongoing reassessment on an annual basis

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