Merchant Advisory Services

Merchant POI Implementation Services

For merchants, PSC offers a program to aid in strategy, selection and implementation of emerging POI technologies including EMV, NFC, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), tokenization and traditional PIN debit.


PSC can provide expert services to aid merchants in setting a direction for these technologies, aligning with business imperatives such as PCI DSS scope reduction, risk reduction, combating fraud, compliance with card brand mandates and meeting the changing needs of customers with new payment technology. PSC’s experts provide architectural analysis and assistance and clear direction based on our years of experience working with these technologies.

During a selection process of hardware, software and service providers, PSC helps merchants in putting together pilot or evaluation programs including selection of vendors, identification of architectural issues, integration and troubleshooting potential issues.

During implementation, PSC can provide policies and procedures for management of POI deployments including all lifecycle phases of the devices from manufacturer to key management to usage of these devices within retail environments. PSC utilizes industry best practice as well as standards for PIN and P2PE to define merchant programs that are pragmatic and effective.

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