Software Developers

PSC Solutions for Software Developers

PSC provides its expert services to software developers and ASPs, who may have products entirely or partially within the payments or security areas. With PSC, you gain industry experts to supplement your staff to:

  • Determine strategy and product direction
  • Properly design payments and security within your infrastructure
  • Validate that your payments and security approaches meet industry best practices
  • Audit your systems to meet regulatory requirements
  • Provide expert professional services to your customers

Specific Areas of Focus

  • PCI Software Security Framework (SSF)
    • PCI Secure Software Lifecycle (SLC)
    • PCI Software Security Standard (SSS)
  • Identity Management Programs
  • Biometrics
  • Secure data and document Management
  • Smart card or RFID programs
  • Card issuing and acquiring systems
  • Security infrastructure
  • Online banking and bill payment

Services Include

Compliance Planning, Remediation, Assessment and Audit Services

  • PCI Software Security Framework
  • PCI Data Security Standard
  • PCI P2PE

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Professional Services

  • Outsourced services for customers who accept or process payments


  • Validation of security or payments product architectures
  • Financial modeling of payments systems


  • Prototypes and proofs of concept
  • Product specifications and standards development for new development
  • Operations process review and improvements
  • Financial modeling of payments processing
  • Fraud and risk systems development


  • Analysis of payments or security infrastructure against industry benchmarks and direction
  • Architectural development and review of payments or security infrastructure
  • Product or strategic approach recommendations

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